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Gnosis is the power of knowledge through identity where the object of knowledge, the knower and the act of knowing are all one. Gnosis, essentially, is the light and force of the great Ishwara, which he pours on the individual soul so that it may attain to its true nature and power,. It is the plane of the Real Idea, which is the true creatrix of the universe, a plane where knowledge, will and bliss are inseparable unlike imagination in the lower human existence where the three are divided and do not imbue each other with their powers.

In the Gnostic creation, every particle of existence emanates from joy and lives in self-joy. There are a few conditions to the attainment of the gnosis-firstly, one has to rise above the lower physical, vital and mental nature and expand the boundaries of one’s ego self such that the sense of separation from others disappears; this should further lead towards a universality of being and experience where the multitude is held within one’s bosom as part of oneself; the centre of focus in one’s consciousness should cease to be one’s limited egocentric identity but should become an individualized expression of the one universal being. The gnosis takes up all of our lower being and its faculties and transforms them into their higher potential.

Even though the ascent to the gnosis is itself a momentous feat and imbued with infinity of knowledge, will and bliss, there is still a single most plane of ascension left for the true completion of man’s being- that is the plane of the ultimate experience of oneness and has no individualizing centre within it. Here the supreme purusha and shakti are one and indivisible, even beyond their biune aspect where they play complementary roles.

This journey of ascension from the mundane existence to the highest truth and bliss is a journey of the transformation of an ordinary, fragmented, discursive knowledge into a divine, whole, unitary self knowledge, which expresses the true inner nature and potentiality of man. All of the branches of knowledge in the present world, whether history, philosophy, psychology, science, aesthetics of ethics are from the spiritual point of view a lower knowledge- knowledge pertaining to the body , life and mind plane. On the other hand, the knowledge of man’s true spiritual nature and self, the knowledge about the true substance and essence of the universe and all that its constitutes, the knowledge of the one absolute Being underlying it all – this, is the higher knowledge pertaining to the supramental planed on existence.

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